quoteSpringtimesoft was contracted to undertake the maintenance and ongoing development of a government agency intranet I managed. Ben and Lenz were excellent to deal with. They followed a simple and pragmatic approach to development that ensured no surprises. Their communication is clear and focused and they worked with me to ensure priority fixes/enhancements made best use of the limited time and budget we had. They are excellent problem solvers which meant they actively collaborated with me to solve issues. I would highly recommend working with Springtimesoft.
Sarah Morse, Government Agency, April 2012
quoteWorking with Benjamin Reichelt has made our lives as a client much easier in many ways. He has profound programming knowledge and proves to develop excellent ideas. Benjamin has a good eye for usability and appearance, he makes contributions and detects potential difficulties at an early stage. Correspondence with Benjamin is always pleasant. He shows great flexibility and is always open for suggestions. Benjamin is more than a Programmer, he demonstrates great all-round-skills and if this is what you are seeking for, he will be your first choice. Thank you Benjamin. We would hire you any time again!
quoteThis is to confirm that our former student, Benjamin Reichelt (#372) taught several WBS staff members EXCEL for work related use. He was very well prepared with helpful material and examples. Benjamin was able to relate to each staff members' specific needs and showed patience by letting us all try to create work sheets for our personal use. Benjamin was a great help to me in particular as I had no previous knowledge about the EXCEL programme and how to use it. We created work sheets which I am using on a daily basis now. Benjamin had a fantastic way of explaining the programme to me. Furthermore he taught me in two one-on-one lessons how to organize my work computer efficiently for my every day use. It was a great pleasure to have Benjamin here with us; first as a student and then as a tutor for staff. I wish Benjamin all the best for his future.
Birte Grüneboom, Wellington Business School, January 2009